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Death Toll Paranormal Investigation Services (DtPIS)

  Welcome to Death Toll Paranormal Investigation Services. DtPIS was named in honour of those who have died without the answers they have looked for. I founded the service in late 2007, as a way to both find what has been happenening to myself as well as help others who have had similar experience. I hope that I will be able to assist you in anything you may be in search of: answers, comfort, closure; I wish you well. DtPIS is currently located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is able to serve the immediate Green Bay Metro area. Thank you for your visit.

-Rev. Michael Gordon Anderson, Founder and Investigator

2013-02-13 19:17:39


 2013-02-13: It has been a trying past few months, but we are now done with the training of a few new memebers, and will be able to accept more challenging cases. Our phone number has updated as well: (920) 544-3274

Any people with new cases, or looking for advice should contact me via email or phone. Visit the Contact Us page for more information.

For the Unexplained...

We are only here to help. We will help you explain the Unexplained happenings within your home. If you feel threatened, please, do not hesitate on calling me. My number is: (920) 544-3274. I will banish anything that ails you.


I also provide Tarot Card readings, Rune readings, and some general spiritual advice. Don't hesitate if you need to call.

-Rev. Michael G. Anderson 

Investigation Services

If you feel as though something just isn't right in your home, or have experienced the paranormal, please, email me at either of the addresses below. Thank you, and Blessed be.

Banishment Services

    Here at DtPIS, we belive that there are very negative entities in the world. While the investigations are free, and always will be, we also offer banishment to get rid of the negative entities for a small fee that covers supplies and liability. This fee is dependant per case, but will generally never be more than $50.00 . If we feel that it must be done, we will tell you so and give you the option to act upon it. If you have any questions of why the fee or what we would be doing, feel free to ask, just click any of my comtact information and I would be more than happy to assist you.

- Rev. Michael Anderson, Founder

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